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Your Insurance Needs Cosmetic Surgery

Many patients do not take into account that when undergoing cosmetic surgery , for example, of the abdomen, insurance payments increase because unless the abdominal muscle has become a medical problem threatening the health of the insured or the patient has a hernia in the area to be operated on, an intervention of this nature has no place in insurance coverage .

In this sense, the ideal thing for people who undergo cosmetic procedures that are risky for their health is to hire an insurance policy that covers side effects, since a basic insurance for medical expenses does not cover the cost of voluntary cosmetic plastic surgery to improve. physical appearance . It is likely that only in cases in which reconstructive surgery is justified or is medical in nature, the insurance will cover the expenses, that is, if it is to correct a physical problem caused by accident or some congenital disorder.

So, is there any insurance on the market that covers plastic surgeries? Not as such, but there are some insurers that include cosmetic medicine surgical procedures, as well as ophthalmological, dermatological or dental procedures, among others, within their coverage plan. This type of policies should be noted that they are not exclusive to cosmetic surgery, but to pay for surgical complications and cover any eventuality arising as a result of any surgical procedure of the different medical specialties such as those mentioned above.

This type of policy is generally valid for 30 days after surgery; covers bleeding, thrombosis, cardiac arrhythmias, neurological damage, shock, infections, temporary paralysis, bruising, also the results of a negligent procedure.

Before undergoing any surgical procedure that could threaten the life of the patient, it is of utmost importance to review in detail the clauses of the medical expense insurance policy, to know the unforeseen events to which it responds and how to do it, as it must take into account that each body reacts differently to medications, surgical procedures and especially to recovery.…