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Does Health Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery?

We have already seen how precisely surgical interventions of a “purely” aesthetic nature appear as a common exclusion in the Plastic Surgery coverage of most health insurance. Also any need for testing, treatment or intervention derived from the consequences of having undergone one. However, this does not mean that you cannot benefit from having insurance when accessing these types of interventions.

As is clear from what we have discussed, there are important differences between the two kinds of plastic surgery. On the one hand, cosmetic surgery is primarily responsible for improving the physical appearance of a person. As a medical specialty, it is responsible for modifying or improving any part of the body, either in its shape or on a functional level. 

To clear up any doubts, it is best to check the particular conditions of the policy and consult the customer service of the insurance company. Likewise, many policies contemplate aesthetic sclerotherapy treatment used to treat spider vein sclerosis to make them disappear or reduce their size and appearance.

The companies’ medical teams also have professionals in these areas and / or their own clinics, or concerts and agreements are established with Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery clinics . This translates, as a general rule, into access with special discounts, just for being insured. It is very common for a company to make available to its customers a series of complementary services related to health and well-being; from alternative therapies (such as Acupuncture) to Spa sessions, through aesthetic treatments and operations. 

If you compare different offers, you will be able to find significant variations, both in rates and in the type of treatments and interventions they offer. In any case, if you are thinking of undergoing a procedure of these characteristics in the future, better opt for a company that can facilitate access: you will enjoy a lower price than the market price.