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Does Hospital Insurance Cover Plastic Surgery?

When it comes to an intervention or treatment of a purely aesthetic nature, hospitalization insurance does not intervene. On the other hand, if it is a reconstructive surgery following, for example, an accident or breast cancer, most hospitalization insurances provide coverage, at least according to the conditions, ceilings and percentages. compensation, etc. determined in the contract. Here is a nose job doctor in Miami who is recommended by many specialists.

If you find your nose to be too big or your breast size too small, you won’t be able to rely on hospital insurance to satisfy your desire to change your appearance through plastic surgery. In such a case, it is the deliberate choice of the patient to undergo such an operation. From a legal point of view, insurance can only intervene if it is an uncertain risk. A deliberately chosen cosmetic / plastic surgery operation, which is not medically necessary, is not uncertain.

When a woman is recovering from breast cancer, for example, and wants breast reconstruction, the process is not just limited to “wanting to look more beautiful”. The same goes for someone who comes out disfigured from a serious car accident, etc. In such situations, almost all hospital insurance covers reconstructive surgery. Of course, it is as always necessary to take into account the possible deductible, the compensation limit, and other aspects.

You should therefore read the general and specific conditions of your insurance contract in order to see to what extent your hospital insurer will reimburse your intervention.

You don’t like your breast and want to have a breast augmentation? Or would you like to hide the signs of aging on your face with botox injections? Your cosmetic intervention will not be covered in these cases.

Indeed, from the moment it is a request on the initiative of the insured himself for the sole reason of feeling better about himself, health insurance will not be able to cover the related costs. to your surgery.

On the other hand, certain interventions are necessary and recognized in the medical environment as harmful to the health of the patient.

For example, doing a breast augmentation following breast cancer, or conversely having to do a breast reduction following a major back problem, the latter can be taken care of.

The conditions are that these cosmetic operations must, therefore, be prescribed by a doctor and recognized as a medical reason.

Regarding the insurance concerned, it will be necessary to turn to additional insurance such as additional hospitalization insurance , outpatient or accident insurance. It is the insurance companies that decide to include this coverage in such or such insurance. In itself, there is no insurance exclusively dedicated to cosmetic procedures. The best is to get information from one of our specialist advisers who are always on hand to find you the best premium.